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Car Charging

Owners of Electric Cars and other Electric vehicles are typically charge them at night.  Many Electric Vehicle owners use home charging points to power up their cars while they sleep.

When you choice to use a normal 3-pin plug to charge your car you may be taking more time to reach full charge.  Many EV owners go for a home charging unit instead, because it’s much faster.

A 3-pin plug will charges at around 2.3 kW. This means it would take about 17 hours to fully charge a car with a 40kWh battery.  EV home chargers are more powerful.

EV Charging Electric Car Charging in Coventry and Warwickshire

We are qualified to install EV Charging points that will allow you to charge your vehicle more quickly.  There are a range of solutions possible and the right one for you depends on the type of car and your needs.  For more information on how we can, help fill in our enquiry form or call us.

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